Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is one of Australia’s leading performing arts companies and part of the DNA of Tasmanian cultural life. They have been inspiring, invigorating, and delighting audiences through music since 1948. They are recognized across the island and throughout the world for their distinctive artistic identity that is forged from their people and their place. Concert video's from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra are now available on Symphony.live.

About the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra boasts a rich history spanning over 75 years. Comprising 47 talented musicians, the orchestra engages audiences through an extensive and diverse concert season in Hobart, a more condensed schedule in Launceston, and performances across regional Tasmania. Additionally, they are dedicated to a robust recording agenda, meaningful community engagement initiatives, and the delivery of intensive training programs for players, composers, and conductors.

Regardless of the venue or the repertoire, every performance with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is a captivating emotional journey. Whether it's the grandeur of the full orchestra at the Federation Concert Hall, the intimacy of chamber music at Woolmers, the TSO Chorus raising the roof, an immersive Obscura performance at the Odeon, or a lively pub-style gig during Live Sessions, attending a TSO concert is an experience filled with joy.

This unique experience is crafted through the creation of singular moments that forge connections between performers and the audience, composers and conductors, and the orchestra and the community. The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra takes immense pride in these connections, fostering a sense of shared pride and joy among all involved.

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Eivind Aadland
Chief Conductor & Artistic Director

Joining Symphony.live is a momentous occasion for the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. We are so excited to bring global audiences to our island at the southern reaches of the world - and to provide a glimpse into the music making that happens here. From the landmarks of the canon, to music emanating from the most inspiring Australian creators – we can’t wait to share the stories and to demonstrate what it means to be an orchestra connected to this place and our people.  We are thankful for this partnership and shared entrepreneurial vision for our artform.

Caroline Sharpen

Caroline Sharpen

CEO of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

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