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The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) has a rich history that spans over a century, and the organization continues to evolve and grow to this day. The orchestra was founded in 1904 by a group of musicians who sought to create a world-class ensemble that would perform at the highest levels of artistry and creativity. Since then, the LSO has become one of the most respected and renowned orchestras in the world, attracting talented musicians, conductors, and audiences from around the globe. Concert videos from the London Symphony Orchestra are now available on

About the London Symphony Orchestra

At the heart of the LSO's mission is the belief that music should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or background. The orchestra has pursued this goal through a variety of initiatives, including its residency at the Barbican Centre in London, which provides a world-class venue for live performances, as well as through touring and artistic residencies in other cities and countries. The LSO also uses technology to connect with audiences around the world, offering live-streamed and on-demand performances that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition to its performances, the LSO is committed to music education and community outreach through its LSO Discovery programme. This initiative provides workshops, mentoring, and performances to people of all ages and backgrounds, including schoolchildren, families, and adults with learning disabilities. Through its outreach efforts, the LSO is working to break down barriers and make classical music more accessible and inclusive.

The LSO has also made significant contributions to the world of classical music through its recordings and collaborations. In 1999, the orchestra launched its own recording label, LSO Live, which has released over 150 recordings of live orchestral performances. This has allowed the LSO to reach a wider audience and to showcase its artistry to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear live orchestral music.

The LSO has also collaborated with other musicians and artists from a variety of genres, including the film industry. The orchestra has contributed scores to numerous movies, including the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises, and has performed live with film screenings to bring these classic films to life.

Overall, the LSO is an organization that is committed to excellence, accessibility, and community outreach. Its members are among the most talented and dedicated musicians in the world, and their commitment to creating and sharing exceptional music is evident in every performance. Through its residency, tours, recordings, and outreach efforts, the LSO is working to make classical music accessible to everyone, and to inspire a new generation of musicians and music lovers.

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