Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement

This Privacy Policy explains Symphony’s practices regarding the collection of personal data we collect from you when you use our website.

Contacting Symphony

If you have any questions about your account, Symphony’s privacy policy, cookies used, the data we hold on you, cookies or similar technologies used or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Help Center.

The data controller of your personal information is Symphony Media B.V. (hereafter referred to as Symphony).

We collect the following data from you:
  • Your name, email address and phone number.

  • Your ratings of the different content, content accessed, search queries, and duration of the viewings.

  • Navigational behaviour (clicking and scrolling) within our web platform and subdomains.

  • The information you provide to us in order to manage your preferences.

  • The transcripts of all the conversations and interactions between you and Symphony’s customer service. This includes the date, time and reason for contacting us.

  • The information collected by the use of cookies. See below our “Cookies” section for further information.

We collect data from you when you:
  • Register online / create an Account in Symphony.

  • Enter Symphony’s website, when you voluntarily participate in marketing promotions, surveys or provide feedback on the website or via email.

  • You contact us.

  • Use or view our browser’s cookies.

We collect data by using different types of technologies:
  • Google Analytics

  • Tracking mechanisms to monitor the success of our campaigns

  • Mechanisms to track the delivery and opens of mails by users

Symphony may also receive your data from other trusted sources and/or partners:

The other sources that collect information may vary but could include:

  • Social media platforms.

  • Institutions that have public databases.

  • Third Parties that provide a service within Symphony.

  • Security service providers that provide a service to Symphony regarding the security of the accounts.

The information that may be provided by partners varies but may include:

  • The information/posts found on social media platforms.

  • The information available in public databases.

  • Search queries that you made on our Partners platforms.

  • IP addresses.

Information collected from you by third parties (Other Websites, Platforms and Applications):

Symphony may use third parties services (such as smart TVs services/devices) that may have a different Privacy Policy and we recommend you to read their Privacy Policies carefully.

To add, our monetization partner Cleeng B.V. (“Cleeng”) handles the management of access to content and/or subscriptions and payment and billing as our agent on our behalf. For this purpose, Cleeng will act as the merchant of record on our request. The services of Cleeng are subject to the terms and conditions of Cleeng, which are hereby incorporated, please refer to

Cleeng will collect information that includes your name, email, and payment method/s. Symphony does not have access to all the information collected by Cleeng.

Disclosure of information to third parties:

We may share your data with our partners, agents or contractors in order to improve our services.

Symphony collects your data in order to:

  • Process your registration.

  • Be able to communicate with you.

  • Determine your geographic location in order to provide you access to the content available in that location and give you recommendations.

  • Manage your account in a more efficient way.

  • Prevent security infringements.

  • Analyze data to improve Symphony’s service, improve our recommendation algorithm and select future content.

  • Personalize your experience when using Symphony’s platform.

  • Email you with new features of Symphony’s service, new content available, special offers and other products and services we think you might like.

Data Security

Symphony takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We have security policies and procedures in place to protect personal information from unauthorized loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction.

Despite Symphony’s best efforts, however, security cannot be absolutely guaranteed against all threats. To the best of our ability, access to your personal information is limited to those who have a need to know. Those individuals who have access to the data are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information.

Data Retention

Symphony will retain your data for the period of time needed considering the objectives of this Data Policy. Nevertheless, Symphony may retain your data for a longer period of time if it is permitted by law.

If the time period of data retention has expired, Symphony will delete your data.


Symphony would like to send you information about products and services that we think you might like, as well as those of our partner companies.

Our Partner companies include Braze, Cleeng, Yellowhawk, and our partner orchestras.

If you have agreed to receive marketing communications, you may always opt-out at a later date.

You have the right at any time to stop Symphony from contacting you for marketing purposes.

If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, please contact support here.

Symphony would like to make sure you are fully aware of your data protection rights.

Every user is entitled to the following:

  • The right to access: you have the right to request Symphony for copies of your personal data.

  • The right to rectification/correction: you have the right to request that Symphony correct any information you believe is inaccurate or incomplete.

  • The right to erasure: you have the right to request that Symphony erase your personal data, under certain conditions. You may exercise this right by pressing the ‘Delete Account’ button on the profile page of the website, which will take you to a page where you will have to follow the procedure for deletion.

  • The right to complaint.

  • The right to withdraw consent.

  • The right to restrict processing: you have the right to object to Symphony’s processing of your personal data, under certain conditions.

  • The right to portability: you have the right to request that SYmphony transfer the data that we collected to another organization, or directly to you, under certain conditions.

If you make a request, we have 30 days to respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights please contact us.


You must be at least 18 years of age or older to subscribe to the Symphony service.

This Privacy Policy may be updated

The Privacy Policy may be modified in order to comply with changes in the law or our operational system functioning. We will notify you of the modifications in advance and you need to accept or deny the changes that have been made in Symphony’s service. You will need to accept the changes in order to be able to continue using Symphony’s service after the end of your current billing cycle. If you do not agree to the modifications of the Privacy Policy you have the right to terminate your subscription by [ contacting us through our Help Center]( . To see when this Privacy Statement was last updated, please see the “Last Updated” section below.

Privacy policies of other websites:

Symphony’s website contains links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website, so if you click on another website, you should read their privacy policy.

Changes to Symphony’s privacy policy.

Symphony keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any updates on this webpage. This privacy policy was last updated on September 21st, 2022.

Last update: September 21, 2022

Our Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Browser cookies:

Cookies are pieces of information that a website or application places on your device when you make use of them. Cookies may involve the transmission of information from us to you and from you directly to us, to another (third) party on our behalf, or to another party in accordance with its privacy policy We may use cookies to bring together information we collect about you. You can choose to have a device notify you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to disable cookies completely. You do this through the settings of your browser. If you disable cookies, you won’t have access to many features that make usage of this platform possible and more efficient. Some of our services will not function properly. Please see the last section of this Cookies Policy for more information about how to manage or disable browser cookies.

Symphony makes use of several categories of cookies and each have different functions. You can learn more about cookies and their functions in general by visiting

What categories of cookies may be used?

The cookies that may be used on this website fall into the four categories described below. These descriptions can help you determine if and how you would like to interact with our websites and other online services.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential in order to enable you to navigate this website and use certain features. Without these strictly necessary cookies, the online services you have asked for, like creating your personal account or producing your bill at checkout, cannot be provided.

Performance cookies

Symphony (or service providers operating on our behalf) may place performance cookies on your device. The information collected using our performance cookies is used by us or for our benefit, to improve our website experience, or for other statistics gathering purposes.

Our performance cookies are used to generate aggregated, anonymous information about how you and other users use this website and its features. For instance, our performance cookies collect information about which pages on this website you visit most often, if you open or read the communications we send, which advertisements you view or interact with on this website or other websites on which our advertisements appear, and if you receive any error messages. The information collected may be used to improve users’ online experience generally, to collate statistics, or customize your online experience by showing you content we think you will like. Our performance cookies don’t collect information that identifies you personally; however, if you have a registration account with us, the information collected by us using our performance cookies may be associated with your registration account.

We also may allow third-party advertisers to place their performance cookies on your device through their advertisements on this website. The information these third-party performance cookies collect is used to determine which third-party advertisements to display on this website, how often to display them, and in which locations of these websites the third-party advertisements perform best. These third-party performance cookies do not collect information that identifies you personally.

You can delete or manage performance cookies as instructed in the last section of this Cookies Policy.

Functionality cookies

Symphony (or service providers operating on our behalf) may place our functionality cookies on your device. We do not share information collected using our functionality cookies with our advertisers or other third parties.

Our functionality cookies are used to remember choices you make (such as language preference, country location, or other online settings) and provide the personalized or enhanced features that you select. Our functionality cookies can be used to provide online services to you, or to prevent online services from being offered to you if you previously indicated you did not want to receive such services. Our functionality cookies collect anonymous information; however, if you have a registration account with us, the information collected by us using our functionality cookies may be associated with your registration account, for example, if you are a registered user, our functionality cookies may allow us to track your browsing across different websites operated by Symphony or our partners or to detect your experiences when accessing our websites from different devices. We do not collect information on your browsing behavior on websites we do not operate.

If you delete these functionality cookies, any preferences or settings you selected will not be retained for later visits.

Targeting or Advertising cookies

Where you see the Ad Choices icon on third-party advertising or our advertising, you can click through to learn more about behaviourally targeted advertising, including how to exercise your control options through your browser settings. More information can be found at

Third-party targeted advertising

Third-party targeted advertising cookies may be placed on your device by third-party advertisers, ad networks, data exchanges, marketing analytics and other service providers.

Third-party targeted advertising cookies collect information about your browsing activity across multiple websites and online services in order to provide you with relevant advertisements on our websites and online services and the websites and online services of third parties. Ad networks may share this information with the advertisers using their network. These cookies may also be used to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, for example by collecting data on how many people click on a particular advert. The information collected using these third-party advertising cookies does not identify you personally.

Third-party targeted advertising cookies are often linked to site functionality provided by the third-party which may mean that clicking on the advertisement redirects you to that third-party’s website.

Whilst we cannot always know what third-party advertising cookies are being dropped before they appear on our website, we maintain processes to monitor cookies placed on our websites by external service providers and to control the way in which data is collected via our websites. We can also request that certain third-party advertising cookies are turned off by the third-party provider.

Targeted advertising by Symphony

Symphony’s targeted advertising cookies are placed on your device by us (or service providers operating on our behalf).

We may use these cookies on our websites and in connection with our content and advertisements that appear on third-party websites and online services to recognise that you’ve viewed or interacted with our content or advertisements and so we can show you advertisements that we believe will be of interest to you. We may also use these cookies to limit the number of times you see the same advertisement. Our targeted advertising cookies collect anonymous information; however, if you have a registration account with us, the information collected by us using our targeted advertising cookies may be associated with your registration account, for example, we may seek to show more closely targeted adverts to you based on your browsing behavior.

Registered users

We may analyze online activities of registered users across our website and online services by use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Where you have opted in to receive communications from us, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies to tailor future communications to reflect your interests.

We may also use cookies or other tracking technologies within our communications to you (for example to see if they have been read or opened or to see what content you interact with and what links you follow) so that we can better match future communications to your interests and wishes.

You may opt out at any time from receiving targeted communications from us by logging into your registration account and selecting not to receive marketing communications. To opt out of targeted advertising based on your online behavior across this and other websites please follow the instructions provided above (for targeted advertising).

Disabling or enabling cookies in your browser

There are a number of ways for you to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. Through your browser settings, you can accept or decline cookies or set your browser to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit. You should be aware that you may not be able to use all our interactive features if you set your browser to disable cookies entirely.

If you use different computers in different locations you will need to ensure that each browser is adjusted to suit your preferences.

You can delete any cookies that have been installed in the cookie folder of your browser. The various browsers provide different procedures to manage your settings. Click on any of the browser links below for instructions.

If you are not using any of the above-listed browsers, then you should select “cookies” in the “Help” function for information on where to find the cookie management settings.

It may not be possible for you to selectively opt-out of all third-party advertising cookies placed on our website, though you can opt-out of receiving cookies from us by clicking this icon. You should also be aware that disabling cookies does not disable other types of analytics products that we may use to collect generic information about how you and other visitors use our website.

Overview of cookies

Please find below an overview of the cookies we use and their purpose:

Cookie: _ga


Type: Performance

Lifespan: 2 years

Usage: Used to identify users for analytics purposes in Google Analytics

Cookie: wp-wpml_current_language


Type: Functional

Lifespan: Session

Usage: Stores the language preference of the user

Cookie: __utmzz

Domain: .cleeng

Type: Performance

Lifespan: Session

Usage: Stores information regarding the origin of the visitor for analytics purposes.

Cookie: ac_enable_tracking


Type: Functional

Lifespan: 30 days

Usage: Stores cookie settings preference of a user in relation to Active Campaign

How to manage cookies

You can set your browser not to accept cookies, and the above website tells you how to remove cookies from your browser. However, in a few cases, some of our website features may not function as a result.

How to contact Symphony

If you have any questions about your account, Symphony’s privacy policy, cookies used, the data we hold on you, cookies or similar technologies used or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Help Center.

Last update: September 21, 2022.