The Curse of the 9th Festival

Within the corridors of music, conspiracy theories have woven intricate tales. The captivating "Paul is Dead" rumor about Paul McCartney and the enigmatic "27 Club" encompassing pop and rock luminaries have ignited fascination. Classical music, too, echoes with such fate theories—Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved, Mozart’s and Tchaikovsky’s enigmatic demises, and Paganini’s reputed pact with the devil. Amid these whispers, the eminent "Curse of the Ninth" stands out, suggesting an ominous destiny for composers' ninth symphonies.

In the ninth month of this year, immerses in the Curse of the 9th. This haunting legend unveils a chilling pattern—composers daring to create their ninth symphonies often met untimely ends, leaving their tenth symphonies unfinished. Join us in homage to the audacious composers who ventured into the realm of Symphony No. 9: Beethoven, Schubert, Dvořák, Bruckner, and Gustav Mahler.

Surrender to the breathtaking beauty of these No. 9 Symphonies, which have captivated audiences for centuries, as you explore the enigmatic link between these sonic wonders and the mystique of No. 9.

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The Curse of the 9th Program

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