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Kathryn McDowel

Managing Director London Symphony Orchestra

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Frequently Asked

What is Symphony?

Symphony is a streaming video platform created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading symphonic orchestras. Every week you can enjoy an exclusive (live) performance in Symphony Night Live from one of our partner orchestras like the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra from Amsterdam, Budapest Festival Orchestra (Gramophone’s Orchestra of the Year 2022), the Cleveland Orchestra, Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, Czech Philharmonic and many more. On top of that Symphony offers an extensive collection of legendary symphonies and documentaries that go well beyond the music alone.

How does the 90-day trial work?

During the 90-day free trial, you get full access to all content on Symphony. You can watch and enjoy the weekly exclusive live performances and all other great concerts and documentaries on the platform. If you enjoy Symphony and want to stay, you'll have to start a subscription at the end of your trial. To remind you of this, you'll receive an email a few days before your trial period expires. If you decide not to stay, you don't have to do anything. This gift trial offer stops automatically.

How/where can I watch Symphony?

Symphony is a video streaming service that you can watch online at symphony.live or via our mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can watch directly on your TV via Roku, Android TV,  Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, and on recent Samsung and LG TV sets.  Symphony is currently available in the following locations: (Europe:) Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom; (Americas:) Canada, United States of America; (Asia-Pacific:) Australia, New Zealand; More platforms and regions will be added soon.

What content does Symphony offer?


What quality does Symphony offer?

We attach great importance to good quality of image and sound. Therefore, Symphony’s streaming quality is always HD and the sound quality is comparable to other streaming services. A selection of titles has 5.1 digital surround sound available.

How can I cancel

This 90-day free offer ends automatically.

How many devices can stream simultaneously?

You can stream Symphony on two devices simultaneously with this offer.

I have another question.

If you still have an unanswered question, please contact us on support@symphony.live.